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Des monstres en CM2

En CM2 nous avons construit un projet autour des monstres. En s’inspirant du travail de Leopold Chauveau, chaque enfant a imaginé son monstre, celui qui pouvait lui apporter un peu…


November 25-29 was English in the world Week at L'École Aujourd'hui. Thanks to the incredible parent involvement, the week was a total success. We had many parent volunteers lead workshops in all the classes. The PS/MS went on a safari in in South Africa, the GS painted fabric like in India, the CP made Aboriginal works of art, the CE1 baked a sweet potato pie, the CE2 had tea with the Queen, the CM1 made Christmas crackers and the CM2 gave thanks in many ways. These are just some of the great ideas we saw during the week. Let's not forget the mini museum of objects, from English speaking countries, set up temporarily in the basement. Thank you parents! We could not have done it without your help.(Other workshops included: thanksgiving activities, fun and games, USA quarter/geography activity, choreography to Singing in the Rain, cupcake decorating, Statue of Liberty activity, square dancing...)