About us

Être, agir, apprendre…* Vivre à l’école              

Inspiration for the educator – A learning environment for children

L’École Aujourd’hui – School for Today is a private, non-denominational, coeducational and state supported primary school, founded by teachers in 1975. It is situated in the 14th district of Paris and follows the official syllabus of the French Ministry of Education.

We enroll 140 students from pre-K to 5th grade.

The school uses inquiry-based learning, inspired by the learning tools and teaching methods of the progressive education and institutional pedagogy movements while conforming to the official French curriculum.

L’Ecole Aujourd’hui-School for Today is a member of l’Association Nationale pour le développement de l’Éducation Nouvelle (A.N.E.N).

* living, doing, learning…