Innovative pedagogical project            

Since its founding in 1975, the school has been managed collectively by the faculty and staff: in-service training, recruitment and budget.


Our Objectives:

  • To provide a small close-knit community: children, parents, staff.
  • To use activity-based programs and manipulative materials allowing children to build a strong foundation in all disciplines.
  • To promote project-based learning.
  • To develop social awareness and responsibility. 
  • To encourage creativity and initiative.
  • To establish positive relationships between children and adults.
  • To teach English as a foreign language from nursery through 5th grade.
  • To cultivate an interest in the outside world.
  • To create a partnership with the parents' association. (APE)

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School Community:

  The school rents 450 m2 in the Montparnasse area of central Paris. The buildings are composed of different sized classrooms and an activity room large enough for school assemblies. The classrooms open onto a small central playground. 

  140 students in seven classes: Nursery and pre-K (PS/MS), Kindergarten (GS), 1st-5th grades (CP, CE1, CE2, CM1 and CM2).

  12 adults: eight homeroom teachers, two native speaking English teachers, one Early Years Specialist and one special educational needs teacher. All our staff members hold the necessary diplomas. 

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Our Strategies:

Learning environment:

  • The classrooms, workshop, kitchen, activity room and courtyard are open to all within the school guidelines.

  • Children are able to move freely within the school buildings, older and younger children mix freely. The children get to know the adults in the school where the notion of mutual respect is fostered. 

  • The school day is organized around alternate periods of individual and collective learning. Classes often collaborate allowing cooperative learning structures. 

Social environment:

  • Within the school: The school opens its doors at 8:30am.  Parents and carers are welome in the morning until 8:55am and again at pick-up at 4:00pm. 

  • In the classroom: In order to promote collective responsibility within the class, different tools are used: weekly class council meetings, jobs and responsibilites, show and tell, class delegates.

  • During lunch: Children eat in their classrooms. They can choose where they sit and they clean up afterwards encouraging responsibility and teamwork. 

  • Interclass activities : Recess, choir, PE, cooperative learning projects...Children of all ages meet up creating occasions for collaboration and communication. 

Teaching approaches specific to the school:

  • Alternate periods of class, group and individual work.

  • Diverse methods and materials inspired by the Progessive Education Movement.

  • Cooperation, collaboration and tutoring between students.

  • Time scheduled for personal creativity.

  • Intra-school correspondance.

  • Participation of students in decision making through school and class councils.


An interest in the outside world:

We venture out of school...

  • To practice road safety rules in the streets and on public transportation. 
  • To go to neighborhood parks.
  • To go to the swimming pool. 
  • To shop for cooking projects. 
  • To go on field trips to museums, exhibitions, historical and geographical sites, work places...
  • To go on residential field trips (every other year).
  • To travel to the U.S.A.  for three weeks (5th grade/CM2).


We welcome to our school...

  • Children and adults from other schools. 
  • Children and adults involved in correspondence projects (France and abroad).
  • Professionals: artists, scientists, writers, musicians...
  • Student-teachers, French and other nationalities.

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Parent-Teacher Partnership :

The parent-teacher partnership consists of:

  • Individual meetings
  • Class meetings
  • Parent-teacher assemblies
  • Meetings with teacher and class representatives
  • Parents' association (APE) meetings
  • Publication and editing of the school newsletter, «Arc en Ciel» 
  • Supervision during class outings
  • Parent-led workshops
  • Attendance of a member of the parents' association at the Annual General Meeting of the school
  • Parent-teacher committees for special projects


Long-Term Projects 

Always in the process of reflection and discovery, the school strives to improve through developing projects that  involve the faculty and outside professionals.

  • Past student centered projects:
  • improvements in special needs provision
  • academic progress evaluation
  • Past teacher centered projects:
  • group dynamics
  • choir 


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